LARA - Augmented Reality APK Free Download Of Latest v1.8.2.0

Welcome to the LARA app. LARA brings augmented reality to consumers and businesses with an aim to convey much more than words ever could by connecting the digital world with the things around us.

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How does it work?

All you have to do is get the app and point your device’s camera at LARA logo marked images, products and everyday objects like refrigerator magnet to coffee cup to make them come alive with additional contents including videos, 3D animations and “Buy Now” buttons.

To restart an animation once completed, simply point your device away from the target for less than a second.

For enterprises:
- Play videos on ads or alongside an article
- Reach out to your customers with life-like 3D animations
- Showcase products that are immovable, yet to be constructed, or difficult to be conceptualized

Want to use the LARA app in your own brand or agency campaign?

Download here
Would you like to try the latest LARA contents out?

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